The work addresses the complexity and fragility of the traditional monetary system through the iconography of a totally white dollar. The choice to deprive the symbol of its usual pigmentation is intentional: an act of visual erasure that aims to highlight the lack of real substance behind the value assigned to paper money. The absence of color represents the abstractness of money, challenging the viewer to reflect on the concept of value.

This work invites a deep dialogue about perception and trust in the monetary system, suggesting that our concept of wealth and power may ultimately be a constructed illusion. White, a symbol of purity and light, becomes a reflector of our complex relationship with currency, prompting us to explore the connections between the tangible and the ephemeral, the real and the artificial.

Through this depiction of a dollar dissolving into white, the work invites critical reflection on the transitory nature of wealth and the need to reconsider our relationship with money. The work asks questions about the foundations of our financial system, underscoring the need for a more equitable and sustainable vision of economic and social value.”

Valentina Picozzi
FIAT is disappearing

Multilayer embossing on Hahnemuhle white 350g paper, wooden framed
80 x 200 cm
Year: 2024
Edition: Unique work, part of a series of 4 + 1 AP

son of a bit since 2008