Valentina Picozzi is an artist and researcher who for more than a decade, through her artistic practice, has been bringing economic and political issues into dialogue with a pop aesthetic, creating questions and openly criticizing the contemporary system.

Witnessing the change taking place in an area that is now attracting more and more interest, Valentina Picozzi acts as a visual storyteller who, through the use of images, succeeds in the arduous task of con­veying concepts and ideologies with the immediacy that characterizes the most successful research that takes shape through artistic projects.

With the intention of making complex themes such as economics, finance, technology and coding accessible, she uses her art to stim­ulate curiosity through captivating works oriented towards the creation of a movement capable of being an expression of society and the collective imagination. Referring back to the tradition of Pop-Art, an artistic movement capable of making itself the bearer of values, symbols and aspirations of society during the post-war economic revolution, the artist transposes it by turning his gaze to the new technological revolution that we live through on a daily basis and in which, even involuntarily, we are immersed.

Through her works, Valentina Picozzi goes beyond technicalities to represent the symbols and values that are part of the collective memory linked to the hacker and cryptocurrency community in which she is actively involved. She thus recounts the birth of virtual currencies and the overcoming of paper money through criticism of the financial and banking system to analyse the currency war cur­rently underway.


“Images create culture. Culture outlines ideals. And ideals influence the future”

son of a bit since 2008